About Me


Writer of my dreams ~ literally

Although I've told stories since I was a young girl (ghost stories in particular), and I've written dramas and skits since high school, I had never imagined writing a book until... I had  dream. 

I woke up feeling like I had just been to a Lord of the Rings movie! After being encouraged, I decided to do the impossible, and share this amazing story that came from my dream, by telling it in a book! Thus began my writing career.

My hairstyle in the movie industry. Hairstylist, film, behind the scenes, movies, tv, actor, actors.

Movie Industry Hairstylist

I've worked in the movie industry, styling hair, for seven plus years. And I loved it! So always having worked in the entertainment business, it was no surprise that I enjoyed the storytelling side of it so much more!

I was working on a TV show when I had a dream that changed the course of my career, goals and aspirations.


Bag Designer

I have a line of bags that I designed called VGear, which are highly used in the movie industry. This was never a big dream of mine, but after designing and sewing my own bag for movie sets and having others approach me to make them one; I pursued this line to help others in what they had expressed they needed to assist them in their work. I am currently liquidating this entire VGear line, to allow me to have full focus toward my writing career!